A1.1.1.1 - Represent and/or use numbers in equivalent forms (e.g. integers, fractions, decimals, percents, square roots, and exponents).

Key Vocabulary: Arithmetic Sequence, Complex Number, Composite Number, Imaginary Number, Natural Number, Number Line, Perfect Square, Prime Number, Rational Number, Irrational Number, Square Root, Whole Number

A1. Compare and/or order any real numbers. Note: Rational and irrational may be mixed.

Which of the following inequalities is true for all real values of x?
A. x3≥ x2
B. 3x2 ≥ 2x3
C. (2x)2 ≥ 3x2
D. 3(x – 2)2 ≥ 3x2 – 2
Answer: C

A1. Simplify square roots.

An expression is shown below.
Which value of x makes the expression equivalent to 1051?
B. 25
C. 50
D. 100
Answer: B

An expression is shown below.


For which value of x should the expression be further simplified?

A. x = 10

B. x = 13

C. x = 21

D. x = 38
Answer: C

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